My 1969 Mustang was parked in the garage for almost 7 years just waiting for the right time to start. One of the reasons was is that we all know once you start the project there seems to be no end in sight and the money keeps on rolling. Well I found out thru a friend of mine Dustless Blasting of South Florida, they came to my place, rolled the car to the driveway and in a little less than 3 hours the complete car was down to bare metal. That was the first time I’ve seem dustless blasting in action and wow! was I surprised not only with the quickness that is done but also and evem better the price. The process reveled many hidden areas under the paint that need to redone and now at least I have an idea of what I am about to tackle. If you haven’t seen this process and you’re familiar with other methods this is going to surprise you big time. – Nick Bellhein – West Palm Beach

I own a 15 foot fishing boat that I take down to the sea on weekends with friend and family. At my age of 62 fishing is one of the great pleasures in life at this point. If you own a boot you know that overtime marine growth sticks to every nut and crane they can possibly get into. In my case, mu propellers where at least 5 pounds heavier due to this little creatures. If you try to take them out with chisel or something like it you will find out that they are hard as a rock and they don’t come out easy. One of the care takers at the Marina told me about this company that have been working on everybody else’s boat for the past 3 months and I gave them a call, schedule the time and I didn’t even Had to be there but I went just to learn something knew and boy did I. It only toke them about 25 min going around the boat specially the propellers to clean like that every spot affected by marine growth. I was so surprised how fast it was and how clean it turned out. I tell you what you gotta a customer for life. – John Fletcher – Boynton Beach

I own a little body shop in Pompano and one day my neighbor who does car restorations was having Dustless Blasting at his place to to a job on a 1972 Camaro and since my shop it’s pretty much right there I came by to check out the process that I had heard before but never seen it in person. The Camaro was on a rotisserie just the body, it was rusted and the poor paint left still there. Dustless Blasting of South Florida started working and I was timing with my cell, in about 2 hours and 45 min the car was stripped down completely to bare metal. I pay 2 guys to strip a car and usually takes them 1 whole day to get to that point and since we use chemicals at my shop sometimes it doesn’t take all the paint out and we have to do it again, and that is costy not to mention the terrible smell. Now that I know how fast and practical this system is I already schedule my next projects with them and I’m sure many more to come. Mike Rosenthal – Fort Lauderdale