Wood Restoration

Dustless Blasting is excellent for the removal of paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain and any other coating from wood quickly and easily. Even old wood can be made to look brand new, as shown in the photos below… Don’t try to blast a balsa wood airplane though.

Dustless Blasting allows you to to use a wide range of different abrasives, and lets you adjust the blast pressure and abrasive flow according to your needs. Dustless Blasting is safest on hard woods, however using finer blast media and lower pressures may allow you to blast softer woods without damage as well. Experiment on a non-critical piece of wood to see how blasting affects the wood’s texture and grain.

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Dustless Blasting Wood Furniture Restoration

Many of our contractors have successfully used Dustless Blasting to restore antique furniture, log cabins, old lawn furniture, decks and patios, siding and much more.

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